Democratia Europaea

The Campaign For European democracy is a new and independent information and lobbying campaign to keep the European Parliament in Strasbourg, not for the selfish interests of Strasbourg, but rather in the name of a better European democracy, for a decentralised European Union, for the reinforcement of the positive image of the European Union, and generally speaking, to promote the process of European construction, which lost momentum after the setback of the Constitutional Treaty in 2005.
The campaign is being launched by the association “Pour la démocratie européenne – For European democracy” which was created on the 5th February 2007 on the 100th anniversary of the birth of Pierre Pflimlin, former President of the European Parliament. The association is legally registered as a nonprofit association.

The goals of the campaign “Démocratie Européenne – European Democracy – Europäische Demokratie” are:

  • to bring Europe and its citizens closer together, to decentralise and separate its powers; in other words, to keep and reinforce each of the 3 existing capitals: Strasbourg for legislative power, Brussels for executive power and Luxembourg for judiciary power.
  • to keep and reinforce the European Parliament in Strasbourg as the symbol of European democracy, so that the Parliament has its own territory and is neither politically nor literally in the shadow of the European Council and the European Commission (as well as in that of NATO)
  • to reduce costs by stopping the monthly trips back and forth and moving activities of the Parliament from Brussels to Strasbourg
  • to convince a majority of European public opinion of the validity of these arguments since that is the condition which will allow politicians to reverse the pro-Brussels centralisation trend of the European Union
  • to convince people that the value of the symbol of reconciliation, epitomised by Strasbourg for Franco-German reconciliation, is even more pertinent and important today in a world suffering from war, terrorism and genocide.
  • to support the idea that Europe has an immense responsibility to promote peace, justice, democracy and Human Rights in the world, and that the condition for accomplishing this is greater political strength, which means more moral legitimacy. Moral legitimacy will be impossible to attain if all powers are centralized in Brussels which, unfortunately, suffers from a bad reputation.

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